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The Features for Vestar V1

There are many features for the Vestar V1, I will introduce them to you as follows.

ESC System
This ESC use double-drive sine waves which make smooth ride and the brake system is regenerative which can recovers energy when braking and reduces energy consumption. The most outstanding features for this ESC is the intelligent boot which automatically powers on when rolling for more than 3 feet/ 1 meter, so that you don’t have to bend down to press the power switch
Vesstar longboard- V1_esc_remote
Power System(Battery & Motor)
We use 10S3P battery which will provide more power and longer cruise.
Also we use Samsung and Panasonic cells which are famous in their stability.
BTW, we use 5055 motor with 900*2


All of our boards use the rear truck which can adjust the belt. This is very convenient When the belt is loose, you can adjust the belt by yourself. It is very easy the adjust only need a socket head wrench
Vesstar longboard- V1
Why do we introduce belt motors?
1、Faster startup speed 
2、Higher torque & climbing ability 
3、Higher top speed
4、More powerful acceleration






Vestar Board has improved based on customer feedback.
We're always developing our product and are rapidly becoming one of the best brands in the E-board Industry!