The birth of Vestar brand comes from an inspirational youth-Frank Wong

As a child growing up in the green mountains, and growing up in cities to witness the increasingly bad air, hundreds of millions of people in China and around the world suffer from poor air quality. So young Frank, has always hoped to engage in environmental protection, self - serving.

Due to the need of work, Frank often to travel abroad, foreign blue sky white clouds, fresh air envy. In foreign countries, Frank saw the streets and alleys full of portable bicycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric balancing vehicles, which are built with lithium batteries, completely environmentally friendly and zero emissions. More importantly, they are small, portable and do not cause congestion. Among them, he thinks electric skateboard is the most convenient and environmentally friendly.

He fought to make the world's blue sky, congested crowds, and unobstructed travel. Then, Frank and his team collected data and work for that. They took out years of savings and hired industry experts and front-line workers to join their own team, Finally on Sep 18, 2018 they completed the design of their first Electric skateboard, which was named "Vestar" brand and put into the market. 

Many people will ask: why you produce belt drive electric skateboard, not hub electric skateboard? hub is very popular. yes, hub is popular and hub is simple in mechanical , but when you ride on the belt drive electric skateboard, you will find, it is more powerful and more comfortable, we offer powerful motor and softer PU wheel.

Vestar boards has own design group which are designed with some of the highest quality components on the market. We utilize batteries from Samsung, Panasonic, high quality 90mm diameter PU wheel (78A), Hobbywing ESC which is famous for its acceleration and braking system, and NSK bearings. Each component is a clear reflection of Vestar’s deep commitment to excellence in both quality and design.

With the expansion of the market, consumer demand has also appeared a variety of changes. In order to meet the needs of more customers, vestar will develop a series of short distance light green car products, and is creating value with its own practical actions to facilitate the public's demand for green and smooth travel. Practice your ability to make the world blue.