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vestar mini2 features



The Vestar mini series is called a light fighter by fans for its excellent performance and super portability, and is deeply loved by skateboarders.


Mini 2 upgrade details:

  1. The newly designed non-slip sandpaper makes the sandpaper more beautiful, durable and easier to clean;

  2. Upgrade the new high-rate battery, 12C, 30A continuous discharge, so that the skateboard has a more powerful source of power;

  3. The die-casting truck is upgraded to gravity casting + T6 heat treatment process trucks,
    which can bear the weight of more than 150KG. The newly designed tilt angle makes the skateboard more stable when riding at high speed.

  4. After redesign, the trucks is adapted to various mainstream skateboard wheels with a diameter of 110mm or less on the market,
    including cloud wheels, ABEC11 wheels, Mbs AT wheels and various rubber wheels;

  5. The boards deck adjustment design adds wheel sockets, which can be adapted to install larger diameter skateboard wheels.

The new Vestar Mini still maintains a very competitive price on the premise of improving the performance of the skateboard. If you like a skateboard that is easy to take away, does not take up space, and maintains the explosive power of a portable skateboard, then the vestar mini is your best choice!


vestar mini 2



Mini body, Max power

The powerful power and flexibility of the previous generation mini left a deep impression on everyone.
The upgraded new generation mini will surely bring you even greater surprises.



Aviation Travel edition

vestar mini2 Aviation Travel edition

We provide a 90Wh travel battery version, which fully complies with aviation safety regulations.
When you need to travel long distances, bringing it will make your journey seamless.



Flexible wheel matching

vestarboard mini2 Flexible wheel matching

Vesta Mini2 series uses adjustable motor mount, Our board can be easily fit to different diameters and different types wheels;
Wheel diameter adaptation: 83mm-150mm;
Wheel types fit: Normal PU wheels, Cloud wheels, ABEC11 wheels,MBS AT wheels,Rubber wheels, Air tire, Explosion-proof AT wheels Wait.



High-rate Power Battery

vestar mini2 battery

The vestar mini2 board uses a powerful, high-quality, high-discharge rate power battery.

Product model Standard Master Aviation
Battery 180 Wh 252 Wh 90 Wh
Cell test Report Cell spec Cell spec Cell spec
dischage capacity
2500mAh 3500mAh 2500mAh
Nominal voltage 3.6V 3.6V 3.6V
Ac impedance
≤14mΩ ≤14mΩ ≤13.2mΩ
Voltage range 4.2-2.5V 4.2-2.5V 4.2-2.5V
Weight ≤48g ≤48g ≤48g
Cell surface
Cut-off Temperature
0to+50℃ 0to+50℃ 0to+50℃
charge current
1.25A 1.475A 1.25A
continuous current
4.0A 4.0A 4.0A
0.5A 0.5A 0.5A
Max continuous
20.0A 10.0A 25.0A



Gravity Casting Truck

Gravity Casting truck


Vestar Mini2 board truck part all adopt Gravity Casting + T6 heat treatment process, which is better than die-cast truck.


Gravity Casting vs. Die Casting for Aluminum Skateboard Truck Parts
Comparison Gravity Casting Die Casting
Cast Alloy A356-T6 aluminum alloy A380 aluminum alloy
Process Liquid aluminum alloys flows into to mold under gravity Liquid aluminum alloy is pressed into mold under high pressure.
Heat Treatment Can do T6 heat treatment to improve the strength Can not do heat treatment.
Strength Stronger with higher Hardness Weaker with lower hardness
Cost Complex process and high cost Good unit price but high tooling cost
Bearing Weight Can bear 150kgs or more. Can bear 95kgs at most.



Classic Belt Drive System

V2pro classic series motor
The Vestar Mini2 series retains a 5045*2 dual-drive belt motor,
and the sufficient power output of 600W*2 allows the skateboard to continue to accelerate to more than 30MPH,
You can experience the fun of sliding comfortably.
Excellent heat dissipation control allows the motor to work for a long time, ensuring that you have no worries about long-distance riding.



ESC Technology


Vestar Mini2 series uses an excellent improved Hobbywing ESC(The overall hardware upgrade enables it to work at much higher current)
which allows you to get larger torque and faster acceleration,
Hobbywings ESC is famous in acceleration and braking system. You can have a wonderful and smooth riding!




vestarboard mini2 waterproof

Each Mini2 has been treated with Basic waterproof treatment both inside and outside.
Normally it could resist the splash of daily life.
Note: However. We should avoid water intake at power button and charging port.


Vestar Board has improved based on customer feedback.
We're always developing our product and are rapidly becoming one of the best brands in the E-board Industry!



Modle Standard Master Aviation
SPEC Max speed 27Miles/H 27Miles/H 27Miles/H
Max range 10 Miles 15 Miles 6 Miles
Max load 110 kg / 240 lbs 110 kg / 240 lbs 110 kg / 240 lbs
Hills UP TO 30% UP TO 30% UP TO 30%
MOTOR Type Belt Drive Belt Drive Belt Drive
Power 5045 800W*2 5045 800W*2 5045 800W*2
BATTERY Wh 180Wh 252Wh 90Wh
WHEELS Material Highly Elastic PU Highly Elastic PU Highly Elastic PU
Size 90 mm 90 mm 90 mm
Hardness 80A 80A 80A
DECK Material 7-Ply Maple 7-Ply Maple 7-Ply Maple
Length 27 inches / 70 cm 27 inches / 70 cm 27 Inches / 70 cm
CASE CASE Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
TRUCKS Trucks  8 inch Aluminum  T6  8 inch Aluminum  T6  8 inch Aluminum  T6
Busing 97AA 97AA 97AA
Bearing One-Piece Precision Bearing One-Piece Precision Bearing One-Piece Precision Bearing
OTHERS USB port      
IN BOX Remote R2 Remote R2 Remote R2 Remote
Manual 1 1 1
Quick Charger 2A 2A 2A
AC Power Cable 1t 1t 1t
Mini USB Cable 1 1 1
Skate Tool 1 1 1
Spline End Wrenches 1 1 1
COMPLATE Net weight 13lb 13lb 13lb
Gross weight      
Package Size      


Wath's in Box?

vestar mini2 accessories 
vestar mini2 accessories 



User Manual

vestar mini2 user manual