CLOUDWHEEL Hydro 100mm Urban All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboard Wheels - Vestar Skateboards
CLOUDWHEEL Hydro 100mm Urban All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboard Wheels - Vestar Skateboards
CLOUDWHEEL Hydro 100mm Urban All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboard Wheels - Vestar Skateboards
CLOUDWHEEL Hydro 100mm Urban All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboard Wheels - Vestar Skateboards

CLOUDWHEEL Hydro 100mm Urban All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboard Wheels

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We not only focus on improving stability and safety during riding, but also understand the demand of electric skateboard enthusiasts for longer battery life. Therefore, we have specially developed the new Hydro, which not only has excellent anti-slip performance of rubber wheels, but also ensures long-lasting mileage.






The Hydro all-season tires are designed to overcome the extreme loss of traction regular urethane wheels experience on damp or uneven terrain. Super durable and grippy rubber wraps around a urethane core for a familiar ride. Water-shedding channels are cut out in a directional tread pattern to ensure the rubber stays in contact with the ground in wet conditions.





Our patented bonding technology fuses the rubber and urethane on each Hydro tire, preventing slippage and delamination. Each set of Hydro tires also comes with a 12-month guarantee. lf you run into an issue related to delamination, we'll replace them at no cost!



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