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10 Best Belt Electric Skateboards in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

by HuangPaul on Dec 11, 2020

10 Best Belt Electric Skateboards in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

As a skateboarder, whether you are a beginner or an expert, the thing which you have to face is the choice of the skateboard drive when you choose your skateboard. Generally speaking, the belt connects a wheel to an outrunner motor with a system of belts and gear pulleys. The belt drive system limits free rolling as there is a significant amount of resistance added due to the pulleys, which makes it harder to kick-push. Maintenance surrounding the belt drive such as belt changes due to wear or tear, belt-tensioning, and belt alignment might also scare away people who aren’t necessarily mechanically inclined. The belt drives deliver better torque than equally priced hub systems. This also allows for a wider selection of wheels to swap to and from. Plus, some people like to get creative with their setups and belt drives allow for more creativity in that department.hem in your backpack at a moments notice.

  • 1 upgrading-Yecoo GT (2-in-1) Electric Skateboard
  • 2 upgrading-Boosted Mini S
  • 3 replacing-Backfire Zealot Belt Drive Electric Skateboard
  • 4 upgrading-Boosted Mini X
  • 5 upgrading-WowGo 3X Belt Electric Skateboard
  • 6 Ownboard W2 (38”) - Electric Skateboard with Dual Belt Motor 
  • 7 replacing-Vestar V-2 (38") Electric Skateboard Dual Belt Drive Longboard
  • 8 replace-Arc Boards The Arc Board
  • 9 replacing-Slick Revolution Flex-Eboard Electric Skateboard
  • 10 replacing-Bolt The Most Portable Electric Vehicle

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